To configure the JRE Find Order


Generated exe files can find JRE on host by many ways. 'jre_order' is to configure how generated exe finds JRE.

The default value of jre_order is "cbsie", each letter stands for a way to find JRE:

  • c - Configured JRE by 'jvmdll'
  • b - Bundled JRE which is configured by 'jre'
  • s - Installed SUN JRE (Windows) / or 'java' symbol link (Linux)
  • i - Installed IBM JRE (Windows)
  • e - Environment JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME

Change Find Order

You can change the find order by change the letter sequence.

For example:

jre_order ecbsi

is to tell generated exe to find JRE from environment JAVA_HOME first.

Disable One of Them

If one of the letters is missing, the corresponding way to find JRE is disabled.

For example:

jre_order s

is to tell generated exe to find from registry / or 'java' symbol link only, ignoring JAVA_HOME and jvmdll.

If none of the letters exists, generated exe will use the default "cbsie".

See Also

  • See jvmdll for details of specifying JRE in configuration file.
  • See Find JRE Itself page for details of how generated exe finds JRE.

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