3 Types of Applications

Jar2Exe can generates 3 types of applications on Winodws, 2 types of applications on Linux


Jar2Exe can generate "Console", "Windows GUI", "Service" 3 types of applications. For Linux, there is no difference between "Console" and "Windows GUI", so there are 2 types on Linux.

3 Types of Applications on Windows

 Console Application:

If a "console type of Application" is started at command line on console, it will use the current console as stdin and stdout devices. If it is not started at command line on console, for example started from shortcuts, a new console will be generated to be used as stdin and stdout devices.

 Windows GUI Application:

A "Windows GUI type of Application" will detach from current console, System.out will not be outputted to Console window. If it is not started at console, no console windows will be created.

 Service Application:

A "service type Application" runs in background of user interface. The service program can automatically start up when Windows starts up without user login, and it will continue to run after user logout. See Service page for more details of Service.

2 Types of Applications on Linux

 Console Application

On Linux, if a "console type of Application" is started at a Terminal, it will use the current Terminal as stdin and stdout devices. Different from Windows, it it is not started at Terminal, it will not generate a new Terminal and System.out will not be outputted.

 Service Application

A "service type Application" runs in background, and it can automatically start up when Linux starts up as Services on Windows. See Service page for more details of Service.

Stdout Redirect

Stdout of any type of applications can be redirected to a file a pipe with a configure line in "cfg" file. See Stdout Redirect page for details.



Exception from App after Jar2exe


I have a project/program with serval java jar files and libs.  I have included them all (as far as I can tell) to be zipped using jar2exe.

As standalone, just using the main jar file, all functionality works.  But after the jar2exe, the exe created works on all functions except on that has a panel (JPANEL) which should be repaint, but doesn't.  Trying to figure out why it works just as is with jar execution, but not as the EXE execution??  Any help on this would be appreciated.


Thanks - Tony

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