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Activate Jar2Exe after purchased


After purchased, you need to activate Jar2Exe before you use Jar2Exe to generate exe files for redistributing. Activated Jar2Exe will authorize generated exe to run as a product.

Orders are processed automatically and immediately. After purchasing, you can "Activate" Jar2Exe with your "username / password" and you can also create your "register user / key" at http://www.jar2exe.com/regkeys/ .


Once purchased, you can "Activate" Jar2Exe with your "username / password" of your account at this website or "register user / key" created from http://www.jar2exe.com/regkeys/ .

Please note that, if you activate Jar2Exe using "username / password", internet is required. The program will open http://www.jar2exe.com/regkeys/ and create a "register user / key" and use that key automatically.

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Unable to activate



  Unable to activate license on device after formating and installing Operating System.

  I already sent mail to "Jar2exe.com" <webmaster@jar2exe.com> Yesterday.


Compatibility with Kotlin/Tornadofx

I've been trying to find out with your trial if your product can generate .exe of .jar made by Kotlin/Tornadofx. I receive error message saying that main startup class is not valid, main method missing.

Is it possible to generate executables from jars made by Kotlin/Tornadofx?


ihave problam ihave buy the software mobile unlock. but not work.it is a jar file .plz help me not connect phone

Cylance quarantine

My company installed antivirus protection called 'Cylance'. It identified and quarantined the j2ewiz.exe as malware.

What can be done to tell them it is not malware? Can you digitally sign the executables?

不能激活 jar2exe

我购买了jar2exe2.5,激活时,激活时显示  "Your purchase record not found! Please contact ..."    已解决


PayPal 提示这笔款需要审核。我已经提前手动开通了你的许可。你现在可以激活了。

could not activate

I have purchased tool yesterday and facing below issue on activation.

issue 1) When try to acivate at tool , I am getting "purchase record not found message"  , 

issue 2) When try to create keys at online , After clicking "create new key" it redirects to "Access denied" page.

Please make sure V2.2 or V2.5

I have replied you through email, just post here for reference for others.

V2.2 and V2.5 uses different register keys.


2.5 的版本,已没有 “个人版”。你升级到 2.2 的最新版试试。

Activating on second system


I activated product on one system and now i don't have that system anymore, how can i use my license key on my new system, when i tried it says not activated.

Appreciate your help.


You can activate on another PC after a month

The Personal License allows you to activate on your own another PC after a month.

The Standard License allows you to activate on unlimited PC within a company.

License type exchange

Hello, I had purchased the Personal license and had already registered and activated the program.
Today I bought the Standard license, I already created the key on the site, how do I change the key in the program, because it keeps giving the message "The generated exe file is not authorized to be redistributed"

Please use the key to activate Jar2Exe

Please use the key to activate Jar2Exe or activate Jar2Exe online using your username/password.

Then at the last step, please check the checkbox "authorize".

I can not activate my purchase

Hello, I bought the Standard license (USD 145) without having previously created a user.
I already have the confirmation email that indicates the serial number and the name of the user.
As they ask me to log in to activate my purchase, I have registered using my same email, but I do not see the registration key.
Using the same program Jar2Exe I enter the user and serial but it generates error.
Help me please. Thank you

Activated Jar2exe have reached the number of licenses

I had to format my two laptops several times in last two months due to some issues.

I activated first one last month successfully but today second laptop gives me error message that

'Activated Jar2exe have reached the number of licenses' as far as I know two installations are allowed right?

Multiple keys/users on Standard licence


I purchased the "Standard licence" for my Company use - but how do I register a second user / PC on my account? 

The "Register Keys" (plural) only allowed me to register one - I see no option to "add" a second one.



Upgrade from v1.8

I purchased Jar2Exe v1.8 Enterprise Edition - Site License about 4 years ago, and I am glad to see that the v2.1 has supported linux and Mac opertation system. It's great!

I have send a mail to the support@jar2exe.com, please help me upgrade to the lastest standard license.

Thanks you so much!

Can`t get my key

I bought Jar2Exe personal license $29.99 today, and i cant get my key... is there any way i can send the info about the payment so i can get it?

Activate Software on New PC



I bought Jar2Exe personal license $29.99 last month. I changed my PC but it is not allowing me to activate in the new PC.So can u help me and send me the instructions how to reactivate the license in my new PC.




You can activate a new one now.


Thank you for your message. You can see your activation log at http://www.jar2exe.com/user/login?destination=regkeys .

Your have activate 2 machines, and you can activate a new one after your first activation is 30 days ago. So you should be able to activate a new one already because your first is on Aug 8,2013. So please try again. Any problem, contact me here or by email webmaster@jar2exe.com .


Sswater Shi

How Activate again


I purchased Jar2Exe 2 years ago. I formatted my pc and now cannot activate again. Please, help me!



Have you activated your Jar2Exe

I have found your activate log in System. Have you successfully activated? Now I have copied your register key and sent it to your email.

If any problems, contact me. Thank you very much for purchasing.

Hi, I just bought the upgrade

Hi, I just bought the upgrade from version 1.8 to 2.0 but when trying to activate it tells me than my username and password are not registered.
what can i do?

Thanks in advance

Your order has been processed

The upgrade order is manually processed, within 24 hours. Now your order has been processed.

Thanks for purchasing.

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