Specify a bundled jre directory

Introduction [since 2.0.3]

Please note that: the "bundled jre directory" means a 'jre' directory which is copied along with executable binary file. The 'jre' is not wrapped into the exe file, but copied with exe file. So it is not required to INSTALL a 'jre'. 

Like 'jvmdll' does, 'jre' is used to specify a JRE by path. The 'jvmdll' is pointing to the 'jvm.dll' or 'libjvm.so' or 'libjvm.dylib' file, while 'jre' is pointing to the 'jre' directory.

The default value of 'jre' item is "./jre/".

For Copied JRE Directory

Like 'jvmdll', 'jre' is useful to let generated exe to use the copied JRE directory. But 'jre' does not specify the proper VM. You can use another 'vm' item to select the proper VM.

JRE Find Order

Configure item 'jre_order' is to specify JRE find order. Letter 'b' stands for the JRE specified by 'jre' item.

The default value of jre_order is 'cbsie', so generated exe will use the JRE specified by 'jre' if 'jvmdll' not exists. If letter 'b' is not in the value of jre_order, the 'jre' is ignored.

 See jre_order page for details of specifying JRE find order


JVM not found

I select the bundled JRE "./jre/" option within the Config Assistant but nothing is generated. I get the error:  Java Runtime not found. 

Can you walk me through this portion so I can see what I need to do. I need a JRE that is bundled with the exe java program for distribution to others who don't have java installed in their computers. 

Please check the 32 or 64 bits of JRE

Please check the 32 or 64 bits of JRE, the jre should match the exe file.

Is there any more info on the console when you create a console type of exe file?

Bundled JRE with Java also installed

with only a bundled  OpenJava (11.0.4), the exe runs fine and shows splash gif on startup (configured with "jre_order b") Animated gif also works :-)

however when i also install.msi  OpenJava 11.0.4 on same machine, then exe and my java app fail to run. (system path is configured to this location)

if i install OpenJava 11.0.12, then j2e and my java application will launch, but with no splash image.

WIndows 10


it appears whenever the bundled version and installed version are the exact same, do i get complete fail

if bundled version and installed version are not the same, then my app launches, but with no splash screen (tested with java 9,10,11,12,16)


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