Step 7: Finished

Do configuration after the exe file generated


After the exe file is generated, you can create a configuration file for the generated exe file. You can get the equivalent command line to generate the exe file in command line mode.


Click "Configurations" button to open "Configure Assistant" tool.

Use Configure Assistant to make a configuration file for generated exe:

Click Get Cmd Line button to get equivalent command line string:


Click this button to open "Configure Assistant" to make a configuration file for generated exe file.

Open Folder

Open windows explorer to explore generated exe file.

Get Cmd Line

Get the equivalent command line string, which can be used at command line mode to generate the exe file. You can copy this command line string into clipboard.

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I tried my .jar file to convert to .exe but at finishing step it write error occurs,executive "F\Midlet_145312705.exe" create failed.Jar file or classes directory load failed.How to solve this problem

problem running .exe


I downloaded your trial version and built an exe, but when I run it I get an error dialog stating:


"The main startup class could not be found".


If I run my jar at command-line; as follows:


java -jar file.jar


then it runs fine.


My .jar file contains a manifest that details a require /lib folder. I don't have to additionally specify this also?

The project was built using NetBeans as a JavaFX project and the manifest has the following form:


Main-Class: com/javafx/main/Main

JavaFX-Class-Path: lib/...


When I specify the startup class it is the one indicated by JavaFX-Application-Class and not Main-Class. Is this the source of the error at startup?



I will prepare a special topic on javafx

There are some steps to make JavaFx program to be protected by Jar2Exe. I'm going to provide a special page to introduce JavaFx and Jar2Exe soon.

You can contact me through email before the special page finished.

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