Wizard Mode and Command Line Mode Supported

Jar2Exe can run as a wizard window or a command line tool


After Jar2Exe is installed, shortcuts to Jar2Exe main program is generated on Desktop and Start Menu. Jar2Exe Wizard can be started by clicking the shortcuts.

The installation will also modify the PATH environment to include Application Directory of Jar2Exe, to let Jar2Exe command tool "j2ewiz" valid at command line.

 To install, please refer to Download and Install page.

Wizard Mode

You can start the Jar2Exe Wizard by clicking the shortcuts on Desktop or Start Menu. You can simply generate exe files from jar files just by following the steps.

 For detailed usage, please refer to Wizard Mode Usage page.

Command Line Mode

Use "j2ewiz /?" at command line for tips of command line usage.

 At the last step of Jar2Exe Wizard, you can click "Get Cmd Line" button to get the equivalent "command line string", so usually it is not necessary to write the command line by yourself.

 For detailed command line usage, please refer to Jar2Exe Command Line page.



exe not working when build from command line

exe jar nor norking when build from command line but same is working fine when i use GUI application.. in error its showing main class not defind , but i have define mail class.

when build from application exe size become 11MB but when build from command line exe size become 9.25MB

Command which i used:

j2ewiz /regname xxxxxxx /regkey xxxxxx C:\Users\admin\Desktop\digivalet-bms-5.jar  /minjre 1.8.x_xx  /maxjre 1.8.x_xx  /platform linux /type console /m com.digivalet.core.DVBmsMain /platform linux /encrypt /embed C:\Users\admin\Desktop\digivalet-bms-lib.zip  /amd64

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