Force CWD

Current working directory can be specified in configuration file


The "Current Working Directory" will affect file operations with a relative path. If a file is created with a filename only without a directory path, the file will be created in the "current working directory".

Generated exe supports to change its "Current Working Directory" to a specified directory before it begins to run, ignoring the current directory where it is started. 

To set a "current working directory", you can use a configure item 'forcecwd' in configuration file.

Configure Item 'forcecwd'

A configure item 'forcecwd' is to set a "current working directory". If 'forcecwd' is followed by a relative path, the relative path is based on the generated exe's path.

 See forcecwd page for details of configuration.

About Service Type

The "current working directoy" of Service type of application is set to the exe file's path by default.

 See Run as Service page for more information about Service type of application.


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