To control wildcard (*, ?) expansion in program arguments for Windows since V2.1.6


On Linux and other *nix systems, if a program argument contains a wildcard, the shell will expand the argument into specific filenames. But on Windows, the System or the shell (cmd.exe) will not do such things. So since V2.1.6 Jar2Exe has provided the wildcard expansion in program arguments.

The feature of wildcard expansion is disabled by default, so this config 'wildcard' is to control the behaviour of 'wildcard expansion'.

wildcard [since 2.1.6]

The 'wildcard' can be followed by one of 3 values:

wildcard false|true|all

The default value is 'false', any wildcard (*, ?) in the program arguments will not be expanded into filenames.

The value 'true' is to let the 'wildcard expansion' same as it on *nix, that is to say wildcard will be expanded except it is in quotes.

The value 'all' is to let all wildcard even in quotes will be expanded into filenames.


If there is no filename matching the wildcard, the wildcard will not be expanded.

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