Step 6: Select Output Filename

Specify an exe filename to be generated


The output step is to select an exe filename to be generated.

The exe filename will be automatically determined from the jar filename, you can change the filename, or use the filename automatically determined directly.


You can input the filename, or browse to select an exe filename.

   For Linux, Icon & Version not supported

On 64 bits edition of Jar2Exe, you can check the "Create 64 bits executive" to generate 64 bits of exe file, uncheck to generate 32 bits of exe file.

Use Version & Messages dialog to add icon files and edit version information, and edit custom messages:

  Edit custom messages. [since 2.0.6]

Use "Configure Internal" to make a internal configuration for generated exe, this configuration will be within exe file:

Please input the executive filename to create

An edit box for exe file name. You can input a file name directly or select a recent file name. Or click "Browse" to select a file name from disk.

 At command line mode, this parameter is "/o".

Browse ...

Open a file dialog to select a file name to save as.

Version & Messages

Open the Product Info dialog to edit add icon file and edit version information.

At command line mode, this parameter is "/pv x.x.x.x", "/fv x.x.x.x", "/ve item=desc".

Custom Message [since 2.0.6]

Open a dialog to edit custom messages.

At command line mode, this parameter is "/message n=msg".

Config Internal [since 2.0.3]

Make configurations internal in the exe file. The syntax of configuration internal is the same as configuration file.

  • See Configuration for syntax of configuration.
  • At command line mode, this parameter is "/config".

Create 64 bits executive

Check this box to create 64 bits of exe file. This box is enabled if Jar2Exe is 64 bits edition.

 At command line mode, this parameter is "/amd64".

XP manifest [since 2.0.7]

For windows only.

To add XP manifest in the resources of generated exe. This will change the style of windows controls.

 At command line mode, this parameter is "/xpmanifest".

Run as admin [since 2.1.6]

For Windows Vista and later only. To request administrator privilege before it runs.

Since V2.1.6, there will be a system property: "true".equals(System.getProperty("")) if the current procoss is running as administrator. On Windows earlier than Vista, the system property "" is always "true".

 At command line mode, this parameter is "/runasadmin".

Self checksum

Check this box to let generated exe do checksum when it runs.

 At command line mode, this parameter is "/checksum". It is enabled by default, so you need to "/checksum:false" explicitly if you want to disable checksum.

Authorize as product [since 2.0.7]

Check to generated exe files to be product. If not checked, the generated exe is allowed to run within 30 days for TEST or DEMO only.

This checkbox is disabled if Jar2Exe is not activated.

 At command line mode, this parameter is "/authorize".

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GUI 程式的介面,有點模糊!

我在 2022/6/17 購買貴公司產品



透過 JAR2EXE 打包的 .EXE 檔案

執行之後,我發現GUI畫面有模糊現象 (但是同樣的程式,我用 launch4j 測試,則是清晰的)


thank you

關於 GUI 畫面模糊的問題

我用 JavaFX、Swing 都會出現問題
我使用 Oracle 17 JDK、18
我的作業系統 Windows 11


GUI 畫面有點模糊


Swing 還有 JavaFX 我都試過了
我用 Oracle JDK 17 、18
作業系統是 Windows 11

我提供 Launch4j 與公司的貴產品比較,只是想提供一個對照組而已



  1. 用的哪一种 GUI,比如  Swing,JavaFX 或者 SWT ?
  2. 用的哪一个版本的 Java 和 哪种操作系统?

日前我反映 GUI 畫面跟元件模糊

日前我反映 GUI 畫面跟元件模糊







關於 GUI 畫面模糊的問題


我剛才沒看到 xp 選項

經過我勾選 xp 選項的測試結果





thank you

關於 GUI 畫面模糊

我用 JavaFX、Swing 都會出現問題
我使用 Oracle 17 JDK、18
我的作業系統 Windows 11



GUI 畫面模糊

JavaFX 與 Swing 我都試過,畫面都會模糊

甲骨文 JDK 17、18

視窗 11

Change message language

Hi, how can I change the language of the singleinstance message in the compilation?

"There is already an instance of this program running."


Thank you

Dear, please select 'Windows GUI' type at step 2

Generated exe file does not use 'java' to start, nor 'javaw', but it use 'jvm.dll' to start.

If you don't want the Console window to be visible, please select 'Windows GUI application' at step 2.

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