Upgrade History

History of Jar2Exe upgrade

V2.7.0: Major upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2023-7-7

  • Support Java 5 ~ Java 21
  • Support ARM MacOS and ARM Windows. (Binary for ARM MacOS needs to be codesigned before run.)

V2.5.5: Minor feature upgrade and Bugfix of Jar2Exe wizard, 2023-3-16

  • Bugfix of "platform encoding not initialized" error on Windows when multi JREs in PATH
  • Support "singleinstance handover" to handover command line arguments to the first without starting a JVM.

V2.5.4: Minor fix of Jar2Exe wizard, 2021-3-18

  • Support Java 5 ~ Java 14.
  • Fix "(empty-jar)" as main jar at command line.
  • Fix spring boot program startup error with Java 8 in some cases.

V2.5.3: Upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2019-5-19

  • Increase the complex of encryption, each file within jar using a different key to encrypt.
  • Support Java 8 ~ Java 14. (Java 7 and below not supported)
  • Detect JDK and JRE from registry on Windows.

V2.2.4: Upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2019-6-11

V2.2.3: Upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2019-2-24

  • Support to start with OpenJDK 10, OpenJDK 11.

V2.2.2: Upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2017-12-18

  • Support to start with JAVA 9.
  • ClassLoader supports to load protected resources with path contains ".."

V2.2.1: Upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2017-5-24

  • Support to generate binary executables for ARM Linux.
  • The installation of Linux service program supports UpStart init system.
  • The installation of Linux service program supports SystemD init system.

V2.1.8: Upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2017-2-26

  • New option 'appid' to identify the same app when enable 'singleinstance' option.
  • Support 'option -XstartOnFirstThread' for SWT application.
  • Block the environment variable 'JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS' unless it is declared in configuration.

V2.1.7: Upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2015-3-25

  • Fix stdout redirect problem of GUI application on Windows 7.
  • Generated binary executables for Mac OS X are compatible with 'codesign'.
  • Support configuration item of 'splash' to specify an external image as the SplashScreen.
  • Use another quick hash method to encrypt classes to let it be loaded more quickly.
  • An empty starter program to let the generated program able to be launched by double-click on Linux.

V2.1.6: Upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2014-9-17

  • New feature of Jar2Exe wizard to create a <pure starter> without a jar file in the binary file.
  • The config 'classpath' supports wildcard (*, ?) to add more jar files at a time.
  • Upgrade Jar2ExeClassLoader to avoid load class problems.
  • Upgrade encryption to increase complexity of file name hash.
  • For Windows, supports wildcard (*, ?) in arguments automatically expansion. (On *nix, this is done by shell).
  • For Windows, new feature "runasadmin" of generated exe file to request administrator privilege before run.
  • For Windows, new system property "j2e.is.elevated" to tell if the current program is running as administrator.

V2.1.5: New feature 'singleinstance' of generated binary file, 2014-7-28

  • New config item 'singleinstance' to control instances allowed to be running, default is 'false'..
  • Support 'singleinstance true' to allow only one instance running at the same time.
  • Support 'singleinstance custom' to enable communication between instances and let java program decide what to do.

V2.1.4: Bugfix of binary file for Mac OS X, 2014-4-16

  • Fix the problem of binary file to run with bundled jre on Mac OS X in some cases.
  • Fix the problem of closing a JavaFX program from Dock bar on Mac OS X.
  • New config of 'assystemclassloader' to control 'Jar2ExeClassLoader' to be the 'getSystemClassLoader()'.

V2.1.3: Upgrade of Jar2Exe wizard, 2014-2-16

V2.1.2: New feature of Jar2Exe wizard, 2014-1-11

V2.1.1: New feature of Jar2Exe wizard, 2013-10-23

V2.0.10: Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2013-4-24

  • Part of files in jar file can keep not hidden when hide function enabled.
  • Provide a 'SelfUpgrade' class in integrate api to overwrite exe file itself for upgrade.

V2.0.9: Upgrade Jar2Exe: Project file support, 2013-2-5

  • Load/Save all configurations from/to a project file(.j2e|.bat).
  • Jar2Exe Project file (.j2e) is associated with Jar2Exe, open Jar2Exe by double click (.j2e) file.
  • Make project file at command line like "j2ewiz /make project.j2e".

V2.0.8: Upgrade & Bugfix Jar2Exe wizard, 2012-12-12

  • Bugfix of 'service' type on 'Linux' about daemon state.
  • External config can be disabled by internal config.

V2.0.7: Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2012-11-23

V2.0.6: Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2012-11-6

V2.0.5: Compatibility, 2012-10-31

V2.0.4: Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2012-10-24

V2.0.3: Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2012-10-17

V2.0.2: Bugfix, 2012-10-13

  • Bugfix of 64 bits of generated exe file.

V2.0.1: The current release has following new features, 2012-10-10

V1.8.4, Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2009-3-15

  • Support configure item "libs=..." to set a directory which contains depended jar files.
  • Splash screen of GUI type applications can be controlled through interface.
  • bugfix of Content-Type of protected resources.
  • bugfix of loading protected resources within multithreads.

V1.8.3, Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2008-5-18

  • Command line support of J2EWizard.
  • New release of 64 bit version of J2EWizard, supports both 32 bit or 64 bit executives.
  • Interactive windows NT service supported.

V1.8.2, Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2007-8-5

  • Splash window of GUI type of application supported.

V1.8.1, Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2007-7-23

  • Rewrite part code of generated exe to get independent of certain version of C runtime library.

V1.8.0, Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2007-7-5

  • Depended jars can be wrapped into generated exe together
  • Generate exe from classes directory, not only from jar file
  • Windows NT Service description, depended services supported
  • Select main java class from classes tree

V1.7, Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2007-2-5

  • Rewrite all code of generated exe
  • Select icon from .ico|.exe|.dll files
  • More than one icons can be added into generated exe
  • System tray icon supported by generated exe
  • System event log supported by generated exe

V1.6, Upgrade Jar2Exe wizard, 2006-7-23

  • Encrypt and protect java program.

V1.5, Upgrate Jar2Exe wizard, 2006-4-20

  • JRE version check before java program runs
  • Program icon can be added to generated exe from .ico file
  • Both Chinese and English version of Jar2Exe wizard

V1.4, First release of wizard version of Jar2Exe, 2006-4-3

  • Wizard mode of Jar2Exe convert tool
  • New type of application "Windows NT Service" supported
  • Version information of generated exe supported

V0.9 - 1.3, Command line version of J2E.exe, 2006-3-25

  • Command line version of J2E.exe (Jar to Exe convert tool)
  • "Console" and "GUI" two types of applications can be generated
  • Search JRE from registry, configuration, JAVA_HOME environment
  • Configuration file to set other parameters